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Antique bedside tables are highly sort after pieces of furniture as bedside tables were not common place until the early nineteenth and twentieth century.  Chairs and small tables of all types were used as furniture in the bed room setting but the terms bedside table or bedside cabinet are quite new terms only becoming widely used in the twentieth century.  Antique furniture for the bedroom such as bedside tables and bedside cabinets were owned by the upper classes and were referred to as pot cabinets. Many of these pot cabinets or bedside tables were not preserved and locating a pair of these antique bedside tables is a rare occurrence.

Many collectors and antique dealers will search near and wide for unique bedside tables as they are very valuable especially when they are in good condition and when they have been preserved and kept as a pair.  The internet has made the job of tracking down antique bedside tables considerably easier and listed below is the top 4 antique furniture websites that you should check out if you are looking for that perfect piece to finish off a bedroom setting.

Desks of Distinction ( is an Australian company located in Glebe New South Wales.  The company specializes in antique desks, furniture, bedside tables and restorations.  The website for this company features pictures and details for most of the pieces of furniture available which makes locating the right bedside tables for your situation much easier.

The second website that you should check out while locating antique bedside tables is Patrick Davey Antiques and Restorations (  This company is located in Malvern Victoria and specializes in all types of antique bedside tables.  The website features pictures, furniture descriptions as well as pricing for all the listed pieces which makes shopping and price comparison easy.

Miguel Meirelles Antiques ( is another company that deals in antiques and in particular antiques bedside tables.  The website features pictures, descriptions, prices, a condition report and shipping status for each bedside table available on the site.  Unlike other antique websites Meirelles also features Chevets, night tables and small side tables in the bedside table part of the website to give the customer a greater range of tables to choose from.

The last website to browse while searching for antique bedside tables is Elisabeth James Antiques (  This website features an easy to use search function and has large range of antique bedside tables and bedroom furniture.  This company is located in the United Kingdom where most of the antique furniture originates from.