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Bedside cabinets form part of the essential furniture for your bedroom area.  There are many thousands of designs and styles of bedside cabinets on the market which means that even the fussiest person will find the right one for their bedroom space.  Bedside cabinets are available in a range of colours, designs, styles and many have unique features such as custom storage or recharge features for phones and IPods.

To make choosing the right bedside cabinet somewhat easier this article lists the top 5 beside cabinets on the market.  These bedside cabinets were chosen for their affordability, unique features, the range of styles and availability both retail and online.  The top 4 are as follows

The Beadboard smart bedside table is a great bedside table which has plenty of storage space for books, radios and bedside lamps.  This bedside table also has a smart technology feature which allows you to recharge your electronic devices such as phones and IPods.  The table has a built in outlet which plugs into the power point and supplies power to multiple plugs in the table for all your electronic gear.  The bedside table keeps all the cords neatly in the top drawer of the bedside cabinet which means no more mess of cords while recharging.  The Beadbord smart bedside table comes in three colours, honey, white and navy blue and is available from PB teen for $200.

The Aspelund bedside cabinet is part of the Aspelund series offered by IKEA.  The bedside cabinet has one large storage section which has a door that can be hung with the opening on the left or the right.  The choice of which way the mount the door means that the cabinet can be placed on either or both sides of the bed.  The bedside cabinet comes flat packed from IKEA and is price from $89 per cabinet.

The Black Lacquer Bedside cabinet is contemporary bedside cabinet design which has a Chinese influence.  The bedside cabinet has large area of storage space with a cabinet front and a small drawer as part of the design.  The cabinet has a classic round Chinese lock cover and is finished with a black lacquer surface.  The Black Lacquer Bedside cabinet is available for $330 from Supatra Unique Furniture.

The Edland bedside table is a small bedside table which is suitable for people who have limited room for furniture in the bedroom.  As with most IKEA furniture the door of the bedside table can be mounted on the left or the right which allows for the cabinet to be placed on the left or right of the bed.  The Edland bedside cabinet is available in a dark brown colour and retails for $179 from IKEA