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Furniture for the bedroom can be as unique and individual as you are with 1000s of styles, materials and designs available from local furniture stores to flat packed furniture available online.  One of the decisions that you will make when purchasing furniture for the bedroom space is deciding on what bedside furniture, such as bedside tables, you will select.  As with any furniture for the home deciding on what to buy when it comes to bedside tables is made much easier if several things are considered before shopping.  As with any item of furniture a decision on style, design and features will help you to find the right bedside furniture for your bedroom space.

Bedside furniture, such as bedside tables, comes in a large range of styles and designs and finding the right style and design for your bedroom space can be made easier by considering the following.

Bedside tables come with three main storage features which include cabinets, drawers and shelves or a combination of two or all three.  Cabinets and drawers that are incorporated into the design of bedside furniture can provide some very useful storage space in the bedroom.  The use of shelving can also provide places to store personal items to keep them neat but within reach.  Many modern designs of bedside furniture use a combination of storage features to gain the best use of the typically small space in which these furniture items occupy.

Bedside furniture comes in a large range of materials such as wood, metal, glass, plastics and also combinations of two or more of these materials.  The choice of material influences the style, functionality and feel of the furniture.  The use of wood or timber is a popular choice for bedside furniture as the timber is durable and has a comfortable or warm feel to it that most people are looking for in  a bedroom setting.  Timber furniture can made from a number of different types of wood such as oak, mahogany and pine and it can also be constructed from recycled timber which is of benefit to the environment.  The use of metals and glass in the manufacture of bedside furniture is common to more modern furniture.  Furniture made with these materials is also durable and can provide a unique look to a bedroom when combined with other decor such as lighting.  The use of plastic in furniture construction is also available usually at the cheaper end of the market.  The advantages of using plastic for bedside furniture is the durability of the material, the range of colours and designs available as well as the cheap cost of production.

Bedside furniture also comes with a range of other features such as lighting, recharging ability, built in multimedia and alarm clocks.  When choosing bedside furniture it is important to note that the more features you choose for a bedside table for example the more expensive the item will be.  Having a budget to work to can also help in determining what bedroom furniture you will eventually purchase.