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Bedside lamps for your bedroom space can be as individual and unique as you are with 1000s of styles and designs available in the market.  Lamps for the bed room can be roughly sorted into two main groups, lamps for reading and bedside lamps that light the room in general.  Both of these groups of lamps also have features that need to be considered when selecting the best lighting for your bedroom.  Some of these features include style and design, materials used to make the bedside lamp, brands available, number of lamps required and how much has been budgeted for purchase of the lamps.

Bedside lamps that provide adiquate light for reading in bed differ from lamps that light the room so you can change into your pyjamas.  Reading bedside lamps are generally brighter than other table lamps and have a light that can be directed and positioned where the light is needed.

Lamps that light the room have a more diffused light which is soft and lights the room.  These bedside lamps are not able to be directed and positioned like reading lamps but are used for example as soft light while watching the TV in bed or for getting into bed and not waking up your partner who is already asleep.

Once you have decided on whether you need a reading bedside lamp or general beside lamp there are a number of other features to consider.  The first of these is the design and style of the lamp.  Bedside lamps are available in a range of designs and styles including ultra modern to antique styles.  Choosing the right lamp for your bed room space depends on what look you are trying to create.

Bedside lamps also come in a large variety of materials such as plastic, resin, metal, glass and even recycled materials.  The use of different materials can give a bedside lamp and a bed room space a particular look which is only limited by the imagination.

The last thing to consider when shopping for bedside lamps is how much have you budgeted for the lamps.  Prices of single lamps can be as little as $20 depending on the finish and the materials used.  The more expensive brands of bedside lamps around the $200 will generally have higher standard of craftmansship and may have other features such as dimmers, clap activation of touch base with graduated lighting.