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Bedside tables are an important piece of furniture that usually come in pairs and sit either side of a bed in the bedroom.  These handy pieces of furniture are a place to sit lamps, clock radios, jewellery, half read books and other items that need to be within arm’s reach of the bed.

When deciding on what type of bedside table to purchase for your bed room you should consider a few features and details before going ahead with a purchase.  Some of these features and details include the type of bedside table design, the features of the tables, materials used in the manufacture, custom furniture, retail or do it yourself tables, brands available and how much do I wish to spend.

Bedside tables come in thousands of different types and designs.  The design can be as simple as a small shelf attached to the wall next to the bed or as detailed as  handmade wooden bedside table units with shelves, cupboards, lights and IPod docking.  When deciding what type of bedside table would suit the space it is going to be placed you should also consider what type of furniture is already in the room and does the new table match this furniture.

The features of the bedside table should also be considered before purchasing any furniture.  Things to decide on may include how many drawers or do I need any drawers, is open shelving more practical,  do I need a small or large bedside table, do I need any extras in the table such as electronic devices that display the time and radio or IPod docking.

The materials that are used to manufacture the bedside table needs also to be considered before purchase.  Bedside tables are made from a huge range of materials such as recycled timber, metals, plastics and man made products just to name a few.

Another option when it comes to bedside tables is to consider custom made furniture if you have a particular style in mind and are unable to find the right bedside table at the retail stores.  The other option is to make the bedside tables yourself.  Bedside tables can be quite a simple design to make with materials and tools available a hardware store.  Making furniture your self can be a great way to learn new skills and there is also the feeling of satisfaction when completing a project.

Lastly you need to consider how much money you are going to spend to purchase one or two bedside tables.  Cost and design will differ store to store so it pays to shop around before commiting to buy either one or two bedside tables.