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Wood of any type can be used in the construction of bedside furniture or bedside tables and before the 1900s wood was the main construction material used for most pieces of furniture.  Wood or timber has always been a favoured material used by manufacturers of furniture due to the durability, beauty and the suitability of the material for being crafted into furniture pieces.  Common types of wood such as mahogany, oak, rosewood, birch and pine were all used in construction of furniture and were chosen for their beauty when crafted into furniture.  These types of wood have become increasingly scarcer and much more expensive so most wooden furniture is now constructed with pine, ash and gum with inexpensive wood used in parts of the furniture that is hidden from sight.

Wooden bedside furniture also has a number of advantages over other materials such as glass, plastics and metals which is one of the reasons that wood is still widely used in all types of furniture.  These include such advantages as wood is easy to work with, it comes in many different types, gives furniture a natural look, is durable, easy to look after and can be made into both expensive and cheap furniture.

Wood has been used in furniture construction more than any other material due mainly to the workability of wood.  The finish and ability to carve designs and shape wood cannot be replicated by any other material.  Many examples of early bedside furniture displayed intricate carvings and patterns that were fashioned into the design of the furniture.

The different types of wood available for furniture construction is also an advantage as different wood colours and stains provide a variety of finishes to suit most homes.  The colours of wood used for furniture can vary from very dark brown to black through to colours of light browns and also reds.  Most furniture retailers have items of furniture available that are the same design but differ in wood type or stain.

Many people like the look of timber furniture as it is natural and most people regard it as timeless and rarely outdated.  When comparing a wooden furniture with modern glass and metal furnishings most people prefer wood especially in the bedroom as it has a warmer more inviting feel.

The use of timber furniture both in the bedroom and the other rooms of the house is a common choice by many as timber is easy to look after and can be made into relatively inexpensive pieces of furniture.  Wooden or timber furniture such as wooden bedside tables can easily be repaired and restored which is great for families that have children and pets who are particularly hard on furniture.

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Furniture for the bedroom can be as unique and individual as you are with 1000s of styles, materials and designs available from local furniture stores to flat packed furniture available online.  One of the decisions that you will make when purchasing furniture for the bedroom space is deciding on what bedside furniture, such as bedside tables, you will select.  As with any furniture for the home deciding on what to buy when it comes to bedside tables is made much easier if several things are considered before shopping.  As with any item of furniture a decision on style, design and features will help you to find the right bedside furniture for your bedroom space.

Bedside furniture, such as bedside tables, comes in a large range of styles and designs and finding the right style and design for your bedroom space can be made easier by considering the following.

Bedside tables come with three main storage features which include cabinets, drawers and shelves or a combination of two or all three.  Cabinets and drawers that are incorporated into the design of bedside furniture can provide some very useful storage space in the bedroom.  The use of shelving can also provide places to store personal items to keep them neat but within reach.  Many modern designs of bedside furniture use a combination of storage features to gain the best use of the typically small space in which these furniture items occupy.

Bedside furniture comes in a large range of materials such as wood, metal, glass, plastics and also combinations of two or more of these materials.  The choice of material influences the style, functionality and feel of the furniture.  The use of wood or timber is a popular choice for bedside furniture as the timber is durable and has a comfortable or warm feel to it that most people are looking for in  a bedroom setting.  Timber furniture can made from a number of different types of wood such as oak, mahogany and pine and it can also be constructed from recycled timber which is of benefit to the environment.  The use of metals and glass in the manufacture of bedside furniture is common to more modern furniture.  Furniture made with these materials is also durable and can provide a unique look to a bedroom when combined with other decor such as lighting.  The use of plastic in furniture construction is also available usually at the cheaper end of the market.  The advantages of using plastic for bedside furniture is the durability of the material, the range of colours and designs available as well as the cheap cost of production.

Bedside furniture also comes with a range of other features such as lighting, recharging ability, built in multimedia and alarm clocks.  When choosing bedside furniture it is important to note that the more features you choose for a bedside table for example the more expensive the item will be.  Having a budget to work to can also help in determining what bedroom furniture you will eventually purchase.

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The modern home has demanded a change in furniture design and a move from furniture that looks good to furniture that is practical, functional, comfortable and beautiful.  Furniture of past eras was often seen as a status symbols and pieces were hand crafted and highly decorated and sold for high prices to the rich.  Furniture at this time was beautiful but not the most comfortable to sit or lie on.  Designing and producing furniture that is functional and considers things such as ergonomics is a relatively new concept that is being demanded more and more by consumers.  This change in direction from highly decorative furniture to more functional and ergonomic furniture is not restricted to particular furniture items but has had an effect on furniture throughout the modern house including bedside tables and bedside cabinets.

Modern bedside tables are not just a piece of furniture that sits to the side of the bed occasionally with a lamp or some sort of reading light perched on top, modern bedside tables have become an area for recharging phones, IPods, Blackberries and for some people an extension of the office.  To provide for these activities modern bedside tables are now available with features such as charging ports for numerous electrical devices as well as storage space designed to keep things organised in the bedroom.

The incorporation of technology in modern designs of bedside tables is not restricted to just charging of electrical devices but also includes the incorporation of things such as lights, alarm clocks and radios with IPod docking.  Including an inbuilt lamp or reading lamp is a great feature as this eliminates the need to search for lamps or reading lights that match the design and style of the furniture in the bedroom.  The inclusion of a radio, alarm and IPod docking features is also a great idea many modern furniture companies have included in their bedside table designs to make the furniture more functional.

Modern bedside tables are also constructed in many different materials.  These materials include but are not limited to, timber, metal, plastics, resins, glass and recycled materials.  The use of different materials or combinations of materials for bedside tables gives the furniture different design and functional qualities.  Consumers have forced designers and manufacturers of modern furniture, including beside tables, to produce furniture that is both functional, well designed and also environmentally responsible.

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Bedside tables are great pieces of furniture for the bedroom as they provide a place for the many things that all of us need and use in the bedroom.  Bedside tables come in many shapes and forms as well as with different arrangements of drawers, cabinets and shelves.  One of the most popular styles of bedside tables is furniture that is inspired or influenced by antique and modern French design.  The French design when it comes to bedroom furniture is available  in a wide range of well designed and stylish furniture with bedside tables available in all of these styles and designs.

French inspired bedside tables are a popular option when people are choosing a certain look or feel for their bedroom space.  French Bedside tables are available in a large range of styles which includes boldly coloured tables to the classic white bedside tables as well as silver and mirrored styles.  As with many of the popular bedside tables designs French bedside tables also include features such as drawers or cabinets providing storage space, decorative handles and finishes, the option of choosing one table or a pair and also furniture that has been handcrafted and beautifully decorated.

Bedside tables that have a French flavour are a great addition to the bedroom area.  Many of the bedside tables have cabinets, drawers and shelves which provide some storage space for items that are used in the bedroom.  Bedside tables are great to have in a situation where storage space is hard to find.  Purchasing French bedside tables with a cabinet or multiple drawers can be a great way to increase overall storage space in the home especially if you have two bedside tables.

Tables and bedside tables that are influenced by French design generally feature decorative handles or a decorative finish.  French bedside tables that are constructed with wood often have intricate designs carved into the wood along the front of the tables or around the legs of the furniture.  Many of the bedside tables that have cabinets and drawers also have decorative handles and latches.  Much of the white coloured French furniture has silver or gold handles that are decorated with a theme such as flowers or complex patterns.

Many of the French bedside tables that are available for purchase are sold as pairs which complements the traditional placement of bedside tables on both sides of the bed.  Many of the designs of the bedside tables that feature as a pair complement each other when placed either side of a bed in the bedroom setting.

PostHeaderIcon Pine Bedside Table

From the construction of early furniture through to the creation of modern furniture wood has always been a popular choice of material.  Some modern furniture has embraced other materials such as metals, plastic and glass but wood has remained a popular material to use in the construction of furniture due to its many advantages.    The use of wood for the construction of bedside tables is common with radiata pine and recycled pine popular choices of wood.

The advantages of purchasing a pine bedside table for the bedroom area include a large range of designs and styles available, pine can be stained and finished in many colours, the wood finish fits antique and modern decor, pine finishes are easy to look after and the use of radiata and recycled pine for furniture means cheaper prices.

Pine bedside tables are available in a large range of styles and designs.  Bedside tables are usually small in size and have a combination of shelves, drawers and cabinets or a combination of all three.  The styles of pine bedside tables can be varied and matched to other furniture in the bedroom by simply using different types of handles and openers on the drawers.

The use of stains and lacquers can bring out the wood grain of the pine used for bedside tables.  The stains can be light or dark depending on what colour or tint the furniture you are matching.  Some furniture shops retail bedside tables without stain so customers are able to stain the pine in their choice of tint.  As well as staining the wood pine bedside tables are also available in many different colours which match most decor in the bedroom area.

One of the main advantages of purchasing pine bedside tables is that they fit with the antique look as well as with modern decor.  The use of pine or wood in general has a timeless look which can be easily incorporated into most bedrooms without too much trouble.

The finish on pine furniture is also easy to care for and maintain.  Furniture, especially bedside tables that constantly have things placed on them like glasses of water and cups of tea do over time need some care and maintenance.  Pine and other woods used for furniture can be sanded back and restained which makes the wood look like new.

Pine Bedside tables are also great when it comes to saving money.  Pine furniture, especially recycled pine furniture is comparatively cheaper than other wood types used for furniture.  The pine finish looks great and can be almost half the cost of some of the hard woods used for furniture.