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The purchase of a mirrored bedside table can be the perfect choice for a bedroom that already contains other furniture or has a certain style.  Mirrored bedside tables can compliment any size, style or colour scheme of the bedroom space.  In some instances the use of mirrored furniture can actually make a room feel larger which is great for people who have units or terrace houses that have comparatively small rooms and small bedrooms.  As well as making a room seem larger, mirrored bedside tables reflect light and colour in the room and can add to the ambience and relaxed mood which all bedrooms should have.  Many companies offer mirrored furniture and in particular mirrored bedside tables in a large range of styles and sizes so finding the perfect piece for your bedroom is made that much easier.

Before purchasing a mirrored bedside table you should consider what other features you would prefer included with this furniture.  Features such as a cabinet or drawers for storage, places for watches and other jewellery, lamp or reading light included, radio or alarm clock features and specific designs or colours.  A mirrored bedside table that features shelves, a cabinet or drawers is a welcome addition to the bedroom especially in units of houses where storage space is hard to find.  Extra space provided by bedside tables can store many bedroom items such as books and magazines.  As well as extra storage space mirrored bedside tables can also feature places to store specific items such as mobile phones, watches and jewellery.  In this day and age where everyone needs to be close to their phones a bedside table that has storage for these items especially when they are charging, is definitely a feature worth having.

Mirrored bedside tables are also available with built in light or light features.  Bedside tables that feature lamps or reading lights are worth considering as it saves the hassle of searching through endless light stores for the right ones for your bedroom.

When shopping for a mirrored bedside table it is also good to know that many of these items of furniture are available in a range of colours and sizes.  The large range of colours makes it easier to match the right bedside table with furniture already in the bedroom space.  The large range of sizes also makes it possible to have a mirrored bedside table in even the smallest bedroom space.

PostHeaderIcon Antique Bedside Table

Antique bedside tables are highly sort after pieces of furniture as bedside tables were not common place until the early nineteenth and twentieth century.  Chairs and small tables of all types were used as furniture in the bed room setting but the terms bedside table or bedside cabinet are quite new terms only becoming widely used in the twentieth century.  Antique furniture for the bedroom such as bedside tables and bedside cabinets were owned by the upper classes and were referred to as pot cabinets. Many of these pot cabinets or bedside tables were not preserved and locating a pair of these antique bedside tables is a rare occurrence.

Many collectors and antique dealers will search near and wide for unique bedside tables as they are very valuable especially when they are in good condition and when they have been preserved and kept as a pair.  The internet has made the job of tracking down antique bedside tables considerably easier and listed below is the top 4 antique furniture websites that you should check out if you are looking for that perfect piece to finish off a bedroom setting.

Desks of Distinction ( is an Australian company located in Glebe New South Wales.  The company specializes in antique desks, furniture, bedside tables and restorations.  The website for this company features pictures and details for most of the pieces of furniture available which makes locating the right bedside tables for your situation much easier.

The second website that you should check out while locating antique bedside tables is Patrick Davey Antiques and Restorations (  This company is located in Malvern Victoria and specializes in all types of antique bedside tables.  The website features pictures, furniture descriptions as well as pricing for all the listed pieces which makes shopping and price comparison easy.

Miguel Meirelles Antiques ( is another company that deals in antiques and in particular antiques bedside tables.  The website features pictures, descriptions, prices, a condition report and shipping status for each bedside table available on the site.  Unlike other antique websites Meirelles also features Chevets, night tables and small side tables in the bedside table part of the website to give the customer a greater range of tables to choose from.

The last website to browse while searching for antique bedside tables is Elisabeth James Antiques (  This website features an easy to use search function and has large range of antique bedside tables and bedroom furniture.  This company is located in the United Kingdom where most of the antique furniture originates from.

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Bedside cabinets form part of the essential furniture for your bedroom area.  There are many thousands of designs and styles of bedside cabinets on the market which means that even the fussiest person will find the right one for their bedroom space.  Bedside cabinets are available in a range of colours, designs, styles and many have unique features such as custom storage or recharge features for phones and IPods.

To make choosing the right bedside cabinet somewhat easier this article lists the top 5 beside cabinets on the market.  These bedside cabinets were chosen for their affordability, unique features, the range of styles and availability both retail and online.  The top 4 are as follows

The Beadboard smart bedside table is a great bedside table which has plenty of storage space for books, radios and bedside lamps.  This bedside table also has a smart technology feature which allows you to recharge your electronic devices such as phones and IPods.  The table has a built in outlet which plugs into the power point and supplies power to multiple plugs in the table for all your electronic gear.  The bedside table keeps all the cords neatly in the top drawer of the bedside cabinet which means no more mess of cords while recharging.  The Beadbord smart bedside table comes in three colours, honey, white and navy blue and is available from PB teen for $200.

The Aspelund bedside cabinet is part of the Aspelund series offered by IKEA.  The bedside cabinet has one large storage section which has a door that can be hung with the opening on the left or the right.  The choice of which way the mount the door means that the cabinet can be placed on either or both sides of the bed.  The bedside cabinet comes flat packed from IKEA and is price from $89 per cabinet.

The Black Lacquer Bedside cabinet is contemporary bedside cabinet design which has a Chinese influence.  The bedside cabinet has large area of storage space with a cabinet front and a small drawer as part of the design.  The cabinet has a classic round Chinese lock cover and is finished with a black lacquer surface.  The Black Lacquer Bedside cabinet is available for $330 from Supatra Unique Furniture.

The Edland bedside table is a small bedside table which is suitable for people who have limited room for furniture in the bedroom.  As with most IKEA furniture the door of the bedside table can be mounted on the left or the right which allows for the cabinet to be placed on the left or right of the bed.  The Edland bedside cabinet is available in a dark brown colour and retails for $179 from IKEA

PostHeaderIcon Bedside Table

Bedside tables are an important piece of furniture that usually come in pairs and sit either side of a bed in the bedroom.  These handy pieces of furniture are a place to sit lamps, clock radios, jewellery, half read books and other items that need to be within arm’s reach of the bed.

When deciding on what type of bedside table to purchase for your bed room you should consider a few features and details before going ahead with a purchase.  Some of these features and details include the type of bedside table design, the features of the tables, materials used in the manufacture, custom furniture, retail or do it yourself tables, brands available and how much do I wish to spend.

Bedside tables come in thousands of different types and designs.  The design can be as simple as a small shelf attached to the wall next to the bed or as detailed as  handmade wooden bedside table units with shelves, cupboards, lights and IPod docking.  When deciding what type of bedside table would suit the space it is going to be placed you should also consider what type of furniture is already in the room and does the new table match this furniture.

The features of the bedside table should also be considered before purchasing any furniture.  Things to decide on may include how many drawers or do I need any drawers, is open shelving more practical,  do I need a small or large bedside table, do I need any extras in the table such as electronic devices that display the time and radio or IPod docking.

The materials that are used to manufacture the bedside table needs also to be considered before purchase.  Bedside tables are made from a huge range of materials such as recycled timber, metals, plastics and man made products just to name a few.

Another option when it comes to bedside tables is to consider custom made furniture if you have a particular style in mind and are unable to find the right bedside table at the retail stores.  The other option is to make the bedside tables yourself.  Bedside tables can be quite a simple design to make with materials and tools available a hardware store.  Making furniture your self can be a great way to learn new skills and there is also the feeling of satisfaction when completing a project.

Lastly you need to consider how much money you are going to spend to purchase one or two bedside tables.  Cost and design will differ store to store so it pays to shop around before commiting to buy either one or two bedside tables.

PostHeaderIcon Bedside Drawers

Bedside drawers for the home can be as individual and unique as you are with 1000s of styles and designs available from local stores to flat pack furniture available online.  Deciding what to buy when it comes to bedside drawers is made easier if several things are considered before going shopping.  As with any piece of furniture a decision on what style and design will help to find the right bedside drawers for your home.  Other features that you may want to include when deciding is how many drawers do I require, what brands are available from the stores or online, deciding on what material the drawers are made from and how much money have I budgeted for the purchase.

There are a large variety of bedside drawers on the market so to make shopping easier one should decide on what design and styles would fit with other furniture in the same room.  This can be easily done online with most furniture stores offering online catalogues to help customers compare and choose furniture.  Choosing a bedside drawer that matches the style of the bedroom may also be made easier by checking out furniture from the places where other bedroom items were purchased.  Many stores offer packages and have matching furniture such as tall boys, dressing tables and bedside drawers.

Once the style of the bedside drawers has been decided then other features such as what colour or material suits the room can be determined.  Many furniture companies will offer a certain style of bedside drawer in a choice of colours and materials.  This is great for the customer who is looking for just the right set of bedside drawers for their bedroom.

Shopping for the right bedside drawers for your bedroom has become easier in recent times with the introduction of large furniture and bedding stores such as IKEA, freedom furniture, Fantastic Furniture and Harvey Norman Furniture just to name a few.  Many of these companies offer great selections of bedside drawers in a variety of colours and designs.  Some of the companies, such as IKEA offer furniture such as bedside drawers in easy to assemble flat packs which makes the furniture easier to transport back to your house.  This way of buying furniture also provides some sense of satisfaction when you have finished building the item of furniture and have placed it in the bedroom.  Another advantage of purchasing bedside drawers in this fashion is that you can save money on your purchase which is important to for the budget conscious customer.