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Bedside tables are great pieces of furniture for the bedroom as they provide a place for the many things that all of us need and use in the bedroom.  Bedside tables come in many shapes and forms as well as with different arrangements of drawers, cabinets and shelves.  One of the most popular styles of bedside tables is furniture that is inspired or influenced by antique and modern French design.  The French design when it comes to bedroom furniture is available  in a wide range of well designed and stylish furniture with bedside tables available in all of these styles and designs.

French inspired bedside tables are a popular option when people are choosing a certain look or feel for their bedroom space.  French Bedside tables are available in a large range of styles which includes boldly coloured tables to the classic white bedside tables as well as silver and mirrored styles.  As with many of the popular bedside tables designs French bedside tables also include features such as drawers or cabinets providing storage space, decorative handles and finishes, the option of choosing one table or a pair and also furniture that has been handcrafted and beautifully decorated.

Bedside tables that have a French flavour are a great addition to the bedroom area.  Many of the bedside tables have cabinets, drawers and shelves which provide some storage space for items that are used in the bedroom.  Bedside tables are great to have in a situation where storage space is hard to find.  Purchasing French bedside tables with a cabinet or multiple drawers can be a great way to increase overall storage space in the home especially if you have two bedside tables.

Tables and bedside tables that are influenced by French design generally feature decorative handles or a decorative finish.  French bedside tables that are constructed with wood often have intricate designs carved into the wood along the front of the tables or around the legs of the furniture.  Many of the bedside tables that have cabinets and drawers also have decorative handles and latches.  Much of the white coloured French furniture has silver or gold handles that are decorated with a theme such as flowers or complex patterns.

Many of the French bedside tables that are available for purchase are sold as pairs which complements the traditional placement of bedside tables on both sides of the bed.  Many of the designs of the bedside tables that feature as a pair complement each other when placed either side of a bed in the bedroom setting.