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The modern home has demanded a change in furniture design and a move from furniture that looks good to furniture that is practical, functional, comfortable and beautiful.  Furniture of past eras was often seen as a status symbols and pieces were hand crafted and highly decorated and sold for high prices to the rich.  Furniture at this time was beautiful but not the most comfortable to sit or lie on.  Designing and producing furniture that is functional and considers things such as ergonomics is a relatively new concept that is being demanded more and more by consumers.  This change in direction from highly decorative furniture to more functional and ergonomic furniture is not restricted to particular furniture items but has had an effect on furniture throughout the modern house including bedside tables and bedside cabinets.

Modern bedside tables are not just a piece of furniture that sits to the side of the bed occasionally with a lamp or some sort of reading light perched on top, modern bedside tables have become an area for recharging phones, IPods, Blackberries and for some people an extension of the office.  To provide for these activities modern bedside tables are now available with features such as charging ports for numerous electrical devices as well as storage space designed to keep things organised in the bedroom.

The incorporation of technology in modern designs of bedside tables is not restricted to just charging of electrical devices but also includes the incorporation of things such as lights, alarm clocks and radios with IPod docking.  Including an inbuilt lamp or reading lamp is a great feature as this eliminates the need to search for lamps or reading lights that match the design and style of the furniture in the bedroom.  The inclusion of a radio, alarm and IPod docking features is also a great idea many modern furniture companies have included in their bedside table designs to make the furniture more functional.

Modern bedside tables are also constructed in many different materials.  These materials include but are not limited to, timber, metal, plastics, resins, glass and recycled materials.  The use of different materials or combinations of materials for bedside tables gives the furniture different design and functional qualities.  Consumers have forced designers and manufacturers of modern furniture, including beside tables, to produce furniture that is both functional, well designed and also environmentally responsible.