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From the construction of early furniture through to the creation of modern furniture wood has always been a popular choice of material.  Some modern furniture has embraced other materials such as metals, plastic and glass but wood has remained a popular material to use in the construction of furniture due to its many advantages.    The use of wood for the construction of bedside tables is common with radiata pine and recycled pine popular choices of wood.

The advantages of purchasing a pine bedside table for the bedroom area include a large range of designs and styles available, pine can be stained and finished in many colours, the wood finish fits antique and modern decor, pine finishes are easy to look after and the use of radiata and recycled pine for furniture means cheaper prices.

Pine bedside tables are available in a large range of styles and designs.  Bedside tables are usually small in size and have a combination of shelves, drawers and cabinets or a combination of all three.  The styles of pine bedside tables can be varied and matched to other furniture in the bedroom by simply using different types of handles and openers on the drawers.

The use of stains and lacquers can bring out the wood grain of the pine used for bedside tables.  The stains can be light or dark depending on what colour or tint the furniture you are matching.  Some furniture shops retail bedside tables without stain so customers are able to stain the pine in their choice of tint.  As well as staining the wood pine bedside tables are also available in many different colours which match most decor in the bedroom area.

One of the main advantages of purchasing pine bedside tables is that they fit with the antique look as well as with modern decor.  The use of pine or wood in general has a timeless look which can be easily incorporated into most bedrooms without too much trouble.

The finish on pine furniture is also easy to care for and maintain.  Furniture, especially bedside tables that constantly have things placed on them like glasses of water and cups of tea do over time need some care and maintenance.  Pine and other woods used for furniture can be sanded back and restained which makes the wood look like new.

Pine Bedside tables are also great when it comes to saving money.  Pine furniture, especially recycled pine furniture is comparatively cheaper than other wood types used for furniture.  The pine finish looks great and can be almost half the cost of some of the hard woods used for furniture.