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Wood of any type can be used in the construction of bedside furniture or bedside tables and before the 1900s wood was the main construction material used for most pieces of furniture.  Wood or timber has always been a favoured material used by manufacturers of furniture due to the durability, beauty and the suitability of the material for being crafted into furniture pieces.  Common types of wood such as mahogany, oak, rosewood, birch and pine were all used in construction of furniture and were chosen for their beauty when crafted into furniture.  These types of wood have become increasingly scarcer and much more expensive so most wooden furniture is now constructed with pine, ash and gum with inexpensive wood used in parts of the furniture that is hidden from sight.

Wooden bedside furniture also has a number of advantages over other materials such as glass, plastics and metals which is one of the reasons that wood is still widely used in all types of furniture.  These include such advantages as wood is easy to work with, it comes in many different types, gives furniture a natural look, is durable, easy to look after and can be made into both expensive and cheap furniture.

Wood has been used in furniture construction more than any other material due mainly to the workability of wood.  The finish and ability to carve designs and shape wood cannot be replicated by any other material.  Many examples of early bedside furniture displayed intricate carvings and patterns that were fashioned into the design of the furniture.

The different types of wood available for furniture construction is also an advantage as different wood colours and stains provide a variety of finishes to suit most homes.  The colours of wood used for furniture can vary from very dark brown to black through to colours of light browns and also reds.  Most furniture retailers have items of furniture available that are the same design but differ in wood type or stain.

Many people like the look of timber furniture as it is natural and most people regard it as timeless and rarely outdated.  When comparing a wooden furniture with modern glass and metal furnishings most people prefer wood especially in the bedroom as it has a warmer more inviting feel.

The use of timber furniture both in the bedroom and the other rooms of the house is a common choice by many as timber is easy to look after and can be made into relatively inexpensive pieces of furniture.  Wooden or timber furniture such as wooden bedside tables can easily be repaired and restored which is great for families that have children and pets who are particularly hard on furniture.